Flaming Aces and Aros Anthology

Flaming Ace and Aros Anthology aims to be a YA collection for the ages…and all the aces and aros. We are seeking #ownvoices asexual and aromantic-spectrum short stories and poems in every genre that capture the multifaceted experiences of being aro, ace, demi and grey-aro & -ace. It is our hope to recognize and celebrate as many identities on the ace and aro spectrums as possible.

Funds for this project will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter, but this is a paid project for everyone involved. We plan to pay $0.06 per word for prose, and a flat $50 for each poem. All remaining proceeds will go to The Trevor Project with the intention of expanding aromantic and asexual spectrum awareness, visibility, and education.

What We Want:

  • Short stories 1,000-7,500 words in length – genre fiction, contemporary, fantasy all accepted
  • Poetry can be up to a page, up to 3 poems per contributor
  • #ownvoices ace/aro young adult fiction and nonfiction
  • Explicit representation within the story, poem and/or title
  • Keep it hopeful but honest
  • The more intersectional the better – we welcome people of all races, ages and genders to submit, as long as you are on the ace or aro spectrum

What We Don’t Want:

  • Explicit sexual content or gratuitous violence – make sure your stories are reader friendly for sex repulsed, and younger readers!
  • Any anti-LGBTQPIA+ content/sentiments unless addressed on page
  • Any potentially racist or problematic content. We will be hiring sensitivity readers later in the process.
  • Previously published work. Your story should be new!

You can submit multiple stories, but because we want to have as many people take part in this project as possible, we will only chose one of your stories to feature.

We are accepting submissions, sent to, by June 15, 2017. UPDATE: The deadline has been extended to August 1, 2017.

Please send us your poetry or short story as an attachment (.doc or .docx are best), the genre, and whether it is fiction or non-fiction. 

Please remember that these must be own voices narratives, and that you must be able to sign a contract, either on your own legally or with parental signature as well. Ownvoices narratives are those where the author and the main character share a marginalization. For more information about being ownvoices, please check out the term’s originator Corrine Duyvis!

We look forward to reading your submission ideas and bringing you on this fun journey with us.
-Ceillie, Brianna, and T.S.


Questions, Part 2 – Aro-spectrum representation

The three of us here at the Flaming Aces and Aros Anthology want everyone to know that we take aro-spec inclusion and representation very seriously. We recognize that there has been a recent uptick in arophobic and acephobic discussions and behavior on Twitter. We are not a part of that, and we will do our best to never be a part of it.

We want all aro-spec and ace-spec identities to be represented fairly and properly in voices written by people who label themselves with identities on these two spectrums. Our main mission in doing this project is to provide windows and mirrors for as many aro-spec and ace-spec readers as possible.

We also ask that you be patient with us through this process, as some questions we cannot answer until we have received all of our submissions. This includes things like how the stories will be organized. We want to curate them in a way that will best highlight the diversity of this community.  

In the meantime, here is what we have done and are currently working to do to ensure that aro-spec identities are represented well in the anthology:

  •      We listened to feedback that the original use of “Arrows” as a pun didn’t work for some aro-spec people, and it made others uncomfortable. We have since changed the title in our graphics and on our website.
  •      We are working to hire at least one aro-spec editor for this project and have been in contact with a few options that have been recommended by an aroace member of the community. We are still in discussions with several people, and will announce our editorial team as soon as we have one.
  •      We are planning on including an even mix of stories from both the aro- and ace-spectrums, and we encourage ownvoices authors to submit their work to us.

In terms of experience level, we recognize that none of us have prior experience working with short fiction on a professional level. That is why we have planned to have editors and sensitivity readers involved with this project from the beginning. All of us have also been involved in the community on some level. It should be noted that some vocabulary is not consistent across all aro-spec and ace-spec online communities (AVEN, tumblr, Twitter, etc.), so we might be learning new things along the way. We hope that you will still support our project.

We are willing to listen to any comments and concerns brought to us, and our DM’s and email inbox is open, though it may take a day or two for us to get back to you, due to each of us having very different daily schedules.

-T.S., Ceillie & Brianna



Meet T.S.!

Hey y’all. I’m T.S. and I have no idea how to introduce myself. I really like lists, so here’s a top ten list of things you should know about me, related and unrelated to this anthology:

1. T.S. is a pseudonym. I’m not sure if it’s like proper for people to reveal that a pseudonym is a pseudonym but this isn’t their intro. I’m only doing it because I come from a fairly conservative family and I don’t wish for them to ever know about my sexuality. If you REALLY want to know who I am, though, you can click here.

2. Im demi-biromantic asexual, which I just found out tonight makes me ace-spec and aro-spec. I occasionally experience romantic attraction to someone I have an emotional connection to, but it’s rare and I don’t know how to deal with it. And sex? Lol nope. I’m sex repulsed and fairly touch averse.

3. I LOVE art. Like, I’ve been to the Museum of Modern Art at least 70 times but I’ve lost track to be honest. I’m an art history major and I love everything about studying art, especially female artists and artists of color.

4. I’m also a writer. I’m querying my book and working on another one. All of my books will have at least one ace character, either main or secondary. I’ve done beta reading and critiquing with other writers before in YA. I’ve also been published in my university’s literary magazine.

5. I’m a Jersey girl and darn proud of my little state. I’m from North Jersey just outside of NYC, but I’m all about the suburban life.

6. I’m going to graduate school for Intersectional feminisms and gender diversity in art and literature, inspired partially by my honors thesis and partially by what I’ve learned in the YA book community.

7. (TW: mental illness) I have social anxiety, generalized anxiety and depression. I’m also a recovered self-harmer. I’m just starting the process of getting counseling and proper treatment. If you’re in the same boat, I believe in you. I never thought I would have good days again and I was wrong.

8. My non-artsy and non-literary hobbies include yoga, riding my bike, crocheting and knitting. All of my bikes are named Floyd, an obscure reference to my favorite indie movie. If you know which one, I love you. I’ve been crocheting since I was 12 and knitting since the day after the 2016 election. Superwash cashmerino is my yarn store kryptonite.

9. My favorite authors are David Levithan, A.S. King, Laurie Halse Anderson, David Arnold, E. Lockhart, Adi Alsaid, Markus Zusak, Libba Bray and Stephen Chbosky.

10. I believe in the power of stories. Words have so much meaning. A story can save and destroy a life. I think this project has the potential to help a lot of aros and aces who may not have the vocabulary to describe themselves yet and deserve it. I hope it will show them the wide variety of possibilities of being in the community and inspire them to be confident in themselves and know they are not broken.

That’s it! If you want to know more about me, you can reach out to me on Twitter or comment below. Nice to meet you!



Meet Brianna!

Hey guys, Brianna here 🙂

I’m supposed to introduce myself and it’s always weird/hard trying to think up things to say, like where do I even start?

I’m a twin, which always surprises people but my twitter handle is @otakutwins for a reason, and it always makes me smile when people realize that I am actually a twin! When it comes to who is the evil one, almost everyone says that I’m the evil one. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. People just think I’m devious I guess :’D.

And before you ask 1. No, I can’t read my sisters thoughts, and 2. I’m pretty sure I can’t feel what she’s feeling most of the time. Oh, and my sister’s name is Angelina, she’s pretty amazing and my best friend 🙂

I also have a dog named Fable, and we named our blog Fable’s Library after her. She’s a very spoiled little girl and a total cuddle bug, so I adore her to pieces.  I’ve been blogging for three years, mostly about books but I occasionally write about movies/tv shows and video games.

I’m also a super big Marvel nerd, and I ADORE going to comic cons. Silk, Ms. Marvel, Starlord and Shadowcat are my favorites.

I’m asexual and VERY excited about this project. I love writing and reading, and I’ve been doing both since the beginning of time (more or less). I look forward to reading everyone’s stories and starting this wonderful project with all of you.

As far as experience goes, I have experience writing both long and short stories. I’ve been blogging for a few years now, and am very passionate about this project. I think this anthology will help shed some visibility on aro-spectrum and ace-spectrum people of all kinds.

If you want to chat, or ask my any questions my twitter is @otakutwins1. I don’t bite 🙂


Answering Questions

A few concerns have been brought to our attention and so we wanted to post more information regarding our editorial policies and organizational plans for the anthology.

We want Flaming Aces & Arrows to be a way for people to see themselves in characters, whether they’re on the asexual spectrum or the aromantic spectrum or both.

There are so many people on each spectrum, and all the intersections along the way, and frankly, many of the characters have their identities erased when they hit mainstream. We know that there are great stories out there with ace- and aro-spectrum, and we desperately wanted to share them, which is why we wanted to do this anthology.

We had a tentative organizational plan, which included author’s definitions of what term they use for their romanticism or sexuality, because there are a lot of people who don’t understand what these terms mean, and everyone defines particular terms differently.

Some feedback has told us that this method of organization makes it seem that we want authors to justify being queer enough to be included, and that was absolutely not our intention. Due to that feedback, we will not be organizing it in this fashion. We cannot fully determine the organization of the anthology until we have decided what content is going to be in it. We may do separate sections for fiction and nonfiction or separate by the genre. Any feedback on this point is appreciated.

Ceillie has experience as a copyeditor through working in journalism, as does TS, as we shared on Twitter. T.S. is in the process of querying a novel, and Brianna also writes short stories on her own.  However, we absolutely recognize that that is not the same thing as working in publishing and having short story experience.

We are consulting with industry professionals for substantive editing, both of whom are on the ace spectrum. We have not officially hired either of them yet, though. We are also consulting with presses who have crowdfunded and published anthologies before, for advice on the timeline and on contracts. We hope to have an editor hired in the next two weeks.

As far as contracts go, we have a tentative contract set up, but it is not final because we haven’t had it looked at by a lawyer. You can view the tentative contract, based off of SFWA’s model contract, here.

We have aimed for an 80,000 to 100,000 word anthology, to be available through print and for e-readers. We will be paying the editor out of our own pockets, as well as the graphic designer and sensitivity readers, due to the timing needs.

We are applying for some grants to help with this, since we do not have the capital that most publishing companies have, being just a group of people. If grants are not available, or we do not receive them, we may hope to recoup some of the costs through the Kickstarter.

We are hiring sensitivity readers because we recognize that we cannot read for accurate representation for all identities, particularly aro-spectrum characters and characters of color, given the makeup of our founding team. Based on the submissions we want to include, we will hire the appropriate sensitivity readers to ensure representational issues are handled well.

When it comes to Kickstarter, in order to get a campaign approved by the website, we have to have a prototype, which means a finished eGalley of the book in our case. We will need to work with our hired editor on a timeline, and amongst their other projects.

Because of this, we don’t have a firm timeline on publication. However, we hope to begin the crowdfunding process by September at the latest!

We hope that you will be willing to bear with us as we work out kinks that come from not being a physical publisher, and keep giving us your fantastic feedback. We wouldn’t be who we are without this community.

-Ceillie, T.S. & Brianna


Meet Ceillie!

Hello, blogosphere!

You might be looking at my name and saying “Is that even a name? How do you pronounce that?”

Fear not! I have the answer! My name is actually pronounced very simply – like Kaylee. My name speaks to my not-so-distant Scottish heritage, as it is based off of the word Ceilaudgh, the Scottish Gaelic word for “party.” My mother tried to “americanize it,” and thus history was made. Or, at least I was.

I’m a book blogger at CandidCeillie, where I have been blogging on and off for four years! It blows my mind that it’s been that long, but CandidCeillie’s undergone a lot of changes in that time. It started as a place to share my journalist work, and has since transformed into a dedicated book blog where I sometimes write about my personal life.

I live with my fiancé, who I lovingly refer to as “Boy” on the internet because he wants some privacy online, my dog Moose, and my cat Luke. I also have a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium!

I’m a fledgling fiction writer, but I’m a longtime nonfiction writer. When I’m not online, I’m working as a journalist in southern Virginia at a small daily newspaper, and I’ve been writing on my own for as long as I’ve been reading (which is a long time.)

I can’t think of anything else to include here, but if you have any questions about me, you can ask them in the comments or on twitter @CandidCeillie! I’d love to make new friends!


Promotional Materials

Hello everyone! We are exceedingly excited to get this anthology started, and to bring in some fantastic authors! In order to do that, we’re going to need your help! We want to reach as many potential aro and ace spectrum writers for this as possible.

The Flaming Aces and Arrows anthology is the brainchild of three aces you might know from Twitter (, and !) and we’d love for you to help promote it! Our Twitter handle is @acearoanthology. Following and retweeting from that account help too!

You’re welcome to write up your own tweets, but here’s some we came up with for you!

•Flaming Aces & Arrows Anthology seeking ace & aro-spectrum authors to join a paid adventure –

•Step out of your invisibility cloaks, aces and aros! Seeking writing for paid venture with us! –

•Ace or aro spec? Love to write? Like $$$ for your writing? Then come along with us!

•Tired of bad ace discourse? Share YOUR aro or ace spec story and get paid.

•We don’t have cake but we have a dream. Share your ace or aro spec story with us and get paid!

Below is a promotional post that you are free to share on your blog, as well as some graphics! Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help you with this:

Announcing the latest project from the twitterverse, TS, Ceillie and Brianna are three aces trying to bring together one exciting aro spectrum and ace spectrum anthology. The Flaming Aces and Arrows blog is now up and seeking #ownvoices writers to contribute to the anthology.

The Flaming Aces and Arrows anthology is seeking both fiction and non-fiction in any genre, poetry included, but we encourage you to check out the website (which can be found here) for more information.

The writers who are picked to star in the anthology will be paid through a Kickstarter campaign and the remaining proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project with the intention of expanding aromantic and asexual spectrum awareness, visibility and education. The deadline is June 15th! If you have any questions, feel free to email



aro and ace bannerarocsandaces

Thank you again! Ceillie, Brianna & T.S!