Meet T.S.!

Hey y’all. I’m T.S. and I have no idea how to introduce myself. I really like lists, so here’s a top ten list of things you should know about me, related and unrelated to this anthology:

1. T.S. is a pseudonym. I’m not sure if it’s like proper for people to reveal that a pseudonym is a pseudonym but this isn’t their intro. I’m only doing it because I come from a fairly conservative family and I don’t wish for them to ever know about my sexuality. If you REALLY want to know who I am, though, you can click here.

2. Im demi-biromantic asexual, which I just found out tonight makes me ace-spec and aro-spec. I occasionally experience romantic attraction to someone I have an emotional connection to, but it’s rare and I don’t know how to deal with it. And sex? Lol nope. I’m sex repulsed and fairly touch averse.

3. I LOVE art. Like, I’ve been to the Museum of Modern Art at least 70 times but I’ve lost track to be honest. I’m an art history major and I love everything about studying art, especially female artists and artists of color.

4. I’m also a writer. I’m querying my book and working on another one. All of my books will have at least one ace character, either main or secondary. I’ve done beta reading and critiquing with other writers before in YA. I’ve also been published in my university’s literary magazine.

5. I’m a Jersey girl and darn proud of my little state. I’m from North Jersey just outside of NYC, but I’m all about the suburban life.

6. I’m going to graduate school for Intersectional feminisms and gender diversity in art and literature, inspired partially by my honors thesis and partially by what I’ve learned in the YA book community.

7. (TW: mental illness) I have social anxiety, generalized anxiety and depression. I’m also a recovered self-harmer. I’m just starting the process of getting counseling and proper treatment. If you’re in the same boat, I believe in you. I never thought I would have good days again and I was wrong.

8. My non-artsy and non-literary hobbies include yoga, riding my bike, crocheting and knitting. All of my bikes are named Floyd, an obscure reference to my favorite indie movie. If you know which one, I love you. I’ve been crocheting since I was 12 and knitting since the day after the 2016 election. Superwash cashmerino is my yarn store kryptonite.

9. My favorite authors are David Levithan, A.S. King, Laurie Halse Anderson, David Arnold, E. Lockhart, Adi Alsaid, Markus Zusak, Libba Bray and Stephen Chbosky.

10. I believe in the power of stories. Words have so much meaning. A story can save and destroy a life. I think this project has the potential to help a lot of aros and aces who may not have the vocabulary to describe themselves yet and deserve it. I hope it will show them the wide variety of possibilities of being in the community and inspire them to be confident in themselves and know they are not broken.

That’s it! If you want to know more about me, you can reach out to me on Twitter or comment below. Nice to meet you!



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