Meet Brianna!

Hey guys, Brianna here 🙂

I’m supposed to introduce myself and it’s always weird/hard trying to think up things to say, like where do I even start?

I’m a twin, which always surprises people but my twitter handle is @otakutwins for a reason, and it always makes me smile when people realize that I am actually a twin! When it comes to who is the evil one, almost everyone says that I’m the evil one. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. People just think I’m devious I guess :’D.

And before you ask 1. No, I can’t read my sisters thoughts, and 2. I’m pretty sure I can’t feel what she’s feeling most of the time. Oh, and my sister’s name is Angelina, she’s pretty amazing and my best friend 🙂

I also have a dog named Fable, and we named our blog Fable’s Library after her. She’s a very spoiled little girl and a total cuddle bug, so I adore her to pieces.  I’ve been blogging for three years, mostly about books but I occasionally write about movies/tv shows and video games.

I’m also a super big Marvel nerd, and I ADORE going to comic cons. Silk, Ms. Marvel, Starlord and Shadowcat are my favorites.

I’m asexual and VERY excited about this project. I love writing and reading, and I’ve been doing both since the beginning of time (more or less). I look forward to reading everyone’s stories and starting this wonderful project with all of you.

As far as experience goes, I have experience writing both long and short stories. I’ve been blogging for a few years now, and am very passionate about this project. I think this anthology will help shed some visibility on aro-spectrum and ace-spectrum people of all kinds.

If you want to chat, or ask my any questions my twitter is @otakutwins1. I don’t bite 🙂


Meet Ceillie!

Hello, blogosphere!

You might be looking at my name and saying “Is that even a name? How do you pronounce that?”

Fear not! I have the answer! My name is actually pronounced very simply – like Kaylee. My name speaks to my not-so-distant Scottish heritage, as it is based off of the word Ceilaudgh, the Scottish Gaelic word for “party.” My mother tried to “americanize it,” and thus history was made. Or, at least I was.

I’m a book blogger at CandidCeillie, where I have been blogging on and off for four years! It blows my mind that it’s been that long, but CandidCeillie’s undergone a lot of changes in that time. It started as a place to share my journalist work, and has since transformed into a dedicated book blog where I sometimes write about my personal life.

I live with my fiancé, who I lovingly refer to as “Boy” on the internet because he wants some privacy online, my dog Moose, and my cat Luke. I also have a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium!

I’m a fledgling fiction writer, but I’m a longtime nonfiction writer. When I’m not online, I’m working as a journalist in southern Virginia at a small daily newspaper, and I’ve been writing on my own for as long as I’ve been reading (which is a long time.)

I can’t think of anything else to include here, but if you have any questions about me, you can ask them in the comments or on twitter @CandidCeillie! I’d love to make new friends!